Mind your own biz bitches
Rumor, BS and weird news portal. The internet is a great place but let's face it: Do we really need all the #$%^&* presented to us? Or the other way around "Who want's to know?" in that light we have this TMZ parody here, just for the fun of out blowing things out of proportion and making fun of the so called "entertainment information".
It's about time to come out of hibernation! There was never a better times as now....  We are in progress to update our website during the coming days. So please check back regular!
Popular and media interest in rumor and gossip never seems to wane. Yet we should distinguish between rumor and gossip,as each appears to function differently in its pure state. Rumors have been described as public communications that are infused with private hypotheses about how the world works, or more specifically, ways of making sense to help us cope with our anxieties and uncertainties.
Rumors and urban legends thrive similarly on information and emotion selection.

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